Last Chance

the band

Befallen formed in the fall of 2005 with brothers Brian and Bill Hugel getting together to jam based on a shared love of extreme metal.

Separating themselves from the hardcore and metalcore sound of the Cleveland metal scene, they found inspiration in European melodic death and doom bands like Swallow the Sun, Opeth, Insomnium and Katatonia. Rather than playing faster and with more brutality than their peers, they focused on using subtle melodies and slowing down their attack.

The band’s sound took shape quickly: harmonies and arpeggiated leads blended with brooding doom and the occasional death metal riff, all supporting intelligent, imagery –laden lyrics. Befallen completed their lineup with the addition of Tom Novak on vocals in 2008 and began playing a slew of local shows, going on to share the stage with bands like Behemoth, Daylight Dies, Katatonia and Amon Amarth.

Early in 2010, the band recruited guitarist Greg Stachurski and immediately began writing their darkest, most melancholic material yet.

Those sessions resulted in Befallen entering Mars Studio with Bill Korecky (Incantation and Mushroomhead) later that year to begin recording their three song self-titled demo. After the recording was finished, drummer Jeremy Keba rejoined the fold and with this reinvigorated lineup, Befallen was once again ready to unleash their unique vision, sure to excite those looking for something different out of the vital Cleveland metal scene.