latest news (2015-2014)

  • Jan31

    We're playing a badass show with some friends of ours this coming March, check our Facebook page for more details.

  • Jan9

    We've got the weekly "Button of Badass" going on our Facebook page, you can check them out here!

  • Dec18

    Working on some cool new material and continuing to get our production going. Can't wait to play some shows this coming year!

Show dates (2015-2014)

  • March20The Foundry

    Black April, Dark Phenom, with Befallen

  • Nov24The Agora

    Behemoth, Goat Whore, with Befallen

  • Oct12The Foundry

    Malas, Everscathed, with Befallen


Befallen Demo CD

3 Studio Quality Tracks!

from the blog (2015-2014)

  • Jan03

    We had a Hungarian friend review our demo! (It's in Hungarian, the translation is great) Check it out here!

  • Dec26

    The site has been coming along, we definitely plan on adding some photos soon!